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I was sitting at the table when I started to dream,

Of a magnificent tablecloth that I have seen.

I seemed so elegant I wanted it to grab,

Our table is starting to look quite drab.

Ok said my husband but have pity on me,

We have to spend wisely in this economy.

I did a search and got quite a sale,

Then I noticed how our walls looked so very pale.

A coat of paint will do wonders you see,

I’ll do it all myself the labor will be free.

I did all the painting but when I stepped aside,

I noticed spots on the floor that we really had to hide!

A new floor is quite an expense I know,

But an area rug will make the place glow!

Our house did shine I really felt great,

Then I stared at the table where I just ate.

We have guests coming soon and I have to save face,

The tablecloth I must replace!

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