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Many people prefer using vinyl tablecloths over cloth and here are some of the reasons why:

Compared to the more elegant lace and cloth tablecloths, vinyl tablecloths are reasonably priced. It is affordable for anyone on a budget, perfect for a family that uses a tablecloth for their everyday dinner table or a restaurant entity serving customers on a daily basis.  They are strong and durable. It can be used over and over again.

Outdoor Vinyl Tablecloth

Vinyl tablecloths are great for outdoors. When the weather starts getting nicer we tend to want to spend some quality time outdoors. The weather though can be unpredictable. When using a vinyl tablecloth, there is no worrying about the rain ruining your tablecloth. It is also more resistant to sunlight which keeps the color lasting longer. Our fitted tablecloths have an elasticized band that keeps the tablecloth firmly in place so if children tug at it, food and drink will have less of a chance to spill over and if it’s windy, the wind will not blow it away. People tend to move around more often at an outdoor barbeque or party so a strong and durable tablecloth is a great choice. One can leave their tablecloth outdoors and not have to bring one out just for serving. Since there are also many colors and styles to choose from it adds elegance to the outdoor décor to have something pretty out on the patio or picnic tables at all times.

Restaurant Vinyl Tablecloth

Lace and cloth tablecloths need washing and special care is needed for the more delicate and intricate table linens. Vinyl tablecloths however are so easy to clean. It is great for a serving table at an event where there are lots or food and drink or practical at a lunchroom or cafeteria where there is constant serving and cleaning up. A family with little children who might spill their food and drink would love using these tablecloths. It keeps the anxiety level down as you just have to wipe the spill up with a rag and it will make dinnertime a happier family event.

Tavern Checks Green Vinyl Tablecloth

Vinyl tablecloths come in a variety of colors and sizes, in solid colors and printed styles. When buying one for general everyday use or for a special event, there is something for everyone to choose.  Custom sizes are available for a hard to fit table.

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When purchasing a tablecloth, customers always ask what size tablecloth they need for their table. In order to figure that out, you need to answer a few questions:

What shape table do you have?

To figure out the dimensions of the table measure the diameter or the length of the table for a round table and the length and width of a table for rectangle and square. For oval sizes measure the long diameter and the short diameter. If using leaves or extensions please make sure to include that in your measurement.

What is the drop length of the table?

To determine the drop length of the table (which is the fabric that extends from the edge of the table down) will depend on what type of occasion you will be using the tablecloth for.

white wedding tablecloth

The height of most tables is 30” inches. For casual dining table people like to have an 8 inch drop and for formal dining a 15 inch drop. For a table being used as a serving table or a display table you may want it to reach the floor and measure 30 inches. Keep in mind that in an eating area you don’t want people tripping over a too long tablecloth or having their evening bags lost under the tablecloth!  If you are not sure what size drop you prefer, drape a napkin or towel over the edge of the table to get a better idea.

Now that I have that information what do I do?

Multiply the desired drop length by 2 (since the drop is the same on both sides of the table) and add the result to the actual length of your table. This is the tablecloth length. Determine the tablecloth width in the same manner. For a circular table multiply the drop length by two and add that to the diameter. Remember you must double the drop measurement as you have to drop down on both sides of the width and both ends of the length.
_____Length + ____drop on right + ____drop of left = _______

_____Width + _____drop on right +____ drop of left =_______

_____Diameter + ____drop of right + ____drop of left = _____

party tablecloths

When choosing a tablecloth, keep in mind that rectangle tablecloths work on oval tables. Many people like the look of a square tablecloth on a round table.  If you have a custom table size, please ask to see if we can help. Enjoy your event.

rectangle wedding tablecloths

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Spring is upon us and with it comes some beautiful weather. The sun is shining, and flowers are beginning to bloom. What a great reason to spend time outdoors with family and friends. It’s so nice out that we don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing lunch and dinner.

A great way to have your fun outdoors and eat there too is to have a picnic. One can have a romantic picnic for two, a family lunch or dinner, or a get together with family or friends. It can be taking time out from a trip to stop and eat or purposely creating a picnic outing.

picnic tablecloth

Whether spending time as a couple or having a large outdoor gathering, one thing is for sure: food is needed! Some people prefer to bring along readymade foods. This way, there is less food preparation and more outdoor enjoyment.  Classic picnic foods are cold cuts or cold chicken, sandwiches, tuna and egg salad, peanut butter and jelly and potato salads. For others, a barbecue is a great way to have a quick warm meal outdoors.  Watermelon and fresh fruit are great and refreshing desserts in both cases! Mouth watering! It’s time to spread out your picnic tablecloth and dig in.

checked cloth tablecloth

It’s very common to see red and white checkered tablecloth, also known as gingham tablecloths used for picnics today. Care to know why? In the days of the early settlers in the American Midwest, the women would flag down the men riding horses with red and white checkered tablecloths to indicate that it was time for the customary communal meal. The waving of a tablecloth – typical red and white checked – announced that dinner was served.

picnic fruit

Wines are made in white, red and rosé versions. In Italy, the white and red checkered tablecloth were used to symbolize the color of the red and white wines. The rosé wine bears resemblance of roses that were placed in the center of the table to enhance the decor.
wine on checkered tablecloth

During World War Two there was a shortage of fabrics worldwide. Women had to make do with whatever material was available to them. Women cut patterns out of the red and white checkered table cloths and used them to make stylish dresses for themselves.

While you are mulling over these interesting tidbits pack up some food, a tablecloth, call some friends and family and head outdoors to enjoy these beautiful days. Send us a photo of your picnic table and we’ll be glad to post it here.

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Every bride, and every mother of the bride, is only too well aware of the feeling. It’s the biggest day of your life and you want every last detail to be perfect. If you are planning the wedding of your dreams you have so much to think about; you’ll be thinking about your dress or dresses, your bridesmaids’ dresses and perhaps, even more importantly, what the mother of the bride is wearing!

We understand that completely, but we would like to gently remind you of something else that needs dressing. Yes, your wedding tables! They may be low down on your list of priorities, coming after entertainment, hospitality and flowers, but if you are paying attention to all the small details, tablecloths for weddings are crucial.

Our range of stylish wedding tablecloths will help to give your wedding the WOW factor that you desire. We have traditional tablecloths that come in several colors and sizes, such as the Diamond Rectangle tablecloth, with a matching range of round tablecloths, along with the fabulously chic Kensington range, and the simply sophisticated Sophia range.

Kensington Round Tablecloth

If you have a color theme choose table linen from our Elegant range, as these are ideally suited as colored wedding tablecloths. For a contemporary wedding, use a bright and bold colored tablecloth and top with a plain, light color. Dress the table as boldly as you like, perhaps using Moroccan style lanterns as a centerpiece rather than flowers, and bright colored tea glasses for a really unusual touch, or colored wine glasses. These are perfect party tablecloths too, so you can use them over!

Lavender Round Tablecloth

For a more feminine effect top our pastel shade tablecloths off with one of our sensationally pretty table toppers that comes in square, round and star shapes. Decorate with flowers and ribbons, candles and delicate tableware and crockery.

Similarly if you are considering the current vogue for nostalgia and retro themed weddings, lacy table toppers are perfect for a vintage tablecloth effect. Vintage chic is all the rage at the moment. Choose a cream or pale pink tablecloth and then accessorize it with gold and silver tableware, such as candelabras, with heavy glassware and fresh flowers. Keep the table plain and simple, using your vintage tablecloth as the backdrop for your work of art. Don’t overdo confetti or favors, and certainly do not use anything plastic or metallic.

For the ultimate finish top your vintage tablecloth or wedding tablecloth with beautiful lacy Victorian Rose placemats as these will provide the prettiest of talking points.

Ivory Kensington Rectangle Tablecloth

Take your time browsing our selection of wedding tablecloths and party tablecloths. Let yourself be inspired by our vintage tablecloths and our Victorian Rose placemats. Carefully consider what theme you would like for your wedding tables, choose your tablecloths and then start to dream about the accessories you can add. This is your wedding journey and here at Yourtablecloth.com we’re so happy to be a part of it!

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