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Valentines day is a special day to show our love to those that mean so much to us. Here are some great ways to celebrate this special day.

Giving gifts are nice, but when you take the time to present something in a nice, thoughtful way it means so much more.

A special lunch or dinner is a sure way to show appreciation. Food is a magic mood enhancer especially if its plated in an attractive and pleasing way. The setting too makes a difference. Brighten up the table with a bright red or white tablecloth to display food more attractively and to liven up your surroundings. Red vinyl placemats are also a nice option of adding color to your table.

Valentines Table Setting


Your silverware can be your display as well. Set a separate dessert table and display all those goodies you have for dessert.

DIY Valentines Napkin Rings

Dress up your table with DIY Valentine Napkin rings. It’s a great way to change the decor up a bit in a fun and inexpensive way. Add a bright red cloth napkin and step back and admire your hard work.

Valentines Tic Toc Toe

The most precious gift you can give is time. Spend some quality time with your spouse, child, friend, loved one. This cute tic toc toe game is fun activity that is easy to make with some felt and stuffing. Fun for everyone, enjoy the laughter and the fond memories it creates!



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