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Halloween is a great time for merrymaking and tongue-in-cheek devilment, however the weather can be a little hit and miss and of course – sometimes – your neighborhood is not somewhere you want your youngsters to roam unsupervised. With that in mind, why not host your own gloriously ghoulish gathering where friends and family can gather safely together for fangtastic frolics, fun and feasting?

halloween deserts

Halloween is a centuries old tradition. In fact the word Halloween was first used in print during the sixteenth century. The Scottish used “hallow e’en” (or evening) as a variant of the fuller All Hallows’ Eve because it is the night before All Hallows’ Day (the Old English for the mass-day of all saints). Traditionally, it was considered to be a time when the ‘door’ to the Other-world opened enough for the souls of the dead, and other mystic and magical beings such as fairies and witches, to return temporarily to the real world. A place was set at the table for them and a “feast for the dead” was held. Perhaps this was just an excuse. Late October in the northern hemisphere has always been a time of harvesting and gathering of fruit and berries. Animals were slaughtered ready for the great midwinter feasts, so why not splurge a little early?

pumpkin snow globe

Set your table so that it looks suitably spooky for your spectacular feast for the living. We have a number of table cloths and table toppers that will complement your carved pumpkins and perfect party fare. The spectacular Spider Web Rectangle Tablecloth measures 60 x 90 inches and spun by the largest spider in the whole of North America! It looks suitably ghoulish with its black outlines. The Spider Web Round Tablecloths measures 90 inches. Lay either of these over a deep colored tablecloth underneath – perhaps blood red or absinthe green – for a sickly and dramatically demonic look.

Spider web round tablecloths

Another devilishly decorative idea is to try one of our Spider Web Round Table Toppers (measuring 30 inches). Once again, you can layer your look by using colored under tablecloths and finish with our tempting table toppers. You can even choose a choice of colors. Go for Gothic with the black Spider Web table topper, opt for a spiritual experience with ghostly grey, or perhaps most hideous of all, try the phantasmagorical green, spun by the space spider from Planet Hallow.

alien green table topper

Once you have made your choices, decorate your tables with a feast to satiate the hungriest of witches and wizards. Lay out the pumpkins and pies, open sandwiches and segments of pizza with ‘odd’ toppings, colorful drinks, and cakes made using vibrant but safe food colorings. Make a display of seasonal fruit and try putting out as healthy a food as possible. You can have lots of fun with stuffed soft toys – rats and mice, cats and birds. Your local joke shop should have plenty of spider webs for the corners of your room (if you don’t grow your own already that is) and you can create a witch’s broom or a cauldron to use as part of a display.

Finally as host or hostess, on this scariest of all nights, treat your guests to tall tales of terror and whisper in their ears about ghostly goings-on. Be the something that bumps in the night. Beckon them closer as the night draws in. Keep them safe. Feed their bellies, their imaginations and their souls. Gift them with a night to remember.

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