Thanksgiving is a time of celebration. A time for being thankful and grateful for all that we have. For the abundance of food that is readily available. For the family and friends we have. For all the blessings that surround us.


As we gather around our table whether for a large Thanksgiving feast, a small quiet dinner, a party or an event large or small, or a nice gathering of family or friends, we can decorate our tables to make them feel festive.

Yourtableclot Table Placemat

Our Harvest Runner is a great way to celebrate. With the Fall colors of orange, yellow, green, and brown they are sure to bring in the Autumn feelings into your home. Matching placemats is a perfect way to enhance your dining experience.

Harvest Woven Table Runner

A cute and adorable runner can add so much and this one can be used for many occasions. Corn Printed Runners and Placemats are perfect for this time of year. Great as Thanksgiving and Autumn décor, but also a great idea for farm themed birthday parties, farmhouses, summer homes, or just to add some prettiness to your kitchen décor.

Corn Printed Table Runner 5

Autumn Jacquard Runners and Napkins have beautiful woven designs of Fall with a border of pumpkins, wheat stalks, and leaves.  The red and green colors are great for this season and for the Christmas season as well!


A beautifully printed message and a beautiful designed cotton placemat in one! Enjoy the beautiful printed designs of Autumns best while “Giving Thanks” for all we have.

give thanks placemat

A Table Runner is a decorative cloth usually spread lengthwise across the table. You get the best of both this way-seeing that beautiful table and enhancing it with a decorative touch.

If you would like to place something in middle of the table at home such as flowers or a fruit bowl and don’t want the table to scratch, a table runner is a great option. Table runners are extremely popular at weddings and large parties as well. If the theme is rustic, the wooden table acts as the base. Then the table runners are added depending on your style. It adds a lot of color and makes the table look amazing especially if flowers or other decorative items are added on top of the runners.

Table runners can also be placed on coffee tables and book shelves. It decorates the home and gives it a warm cozy look.

Jute table runners are an all time favorite. They can be solid color or a printed design. Great for weddings or for your home.christmas jute runner

Gingham table runners are also a very popular design which adds a bold and bright look to any venue. The checkered runners come in many color options such as orange and black for Halloween, Fall, and Thanksgiving, Blue and Black for a warm winter look, and Red and Black for Winter and Christmas.

gingham table runner

If you have a specific color theme, bright solid color runners are great idea especially since their are so many color options to choose from.

Shorter table runners can be placed across the table horizontally and used instead of place-mats. Place table settings on top for a very elegant, festive look.

There are so many colors and options, let us know which ones work best for you!

Spring is finally here and with it comes the beautiful weather, sunny days, and outdoor glory. After a frigid winter which we stayed indoors, we can finally celebrate with fun picnics, barbecues, and outdoor gatherings.

Picnics are easy to prepare when you bring cold sandwiches, cut up fruit and vegetables, and some drinks. Pack it all in a picnic basket and head to the nearest park or have a picnic in your backyard.

vinyl checkered tablecloth red and white

Barbecues are also a great outdoor option. Especially when the weather gets quite hot and it gets hard  to cook in the kitchen, we welcome the change of a quick and hearty meal cooked outdoors. Marinated meats, chicken, vegetables, and fish can be prepared in a tasty way. Helpful items such as tongs, spatulas, oven mitts, and outdoor server-ware help in serving the food in a proper way. Stylish oven mitts and pot holders protect your hands from the heat in a fashionable way.

Denim Oven Mitt

So lets take advantage of the beautiful weather. Enjoy the food, your family and friends and the wonderful days ahead!


There are many ways one can help keep the environment a clean and earth friendly place. One is by recycling items of glass, metal, and plastic. We can conserve water by turning off the tap when the water is not being used. We can use and reuse plates, cups, bowls and dinnerware instead of plastic and paper plates.

We can also help by bringing tote bags to the grocery, library, and wherever we want to carry something somewhere. Tote bags are reusable and don’t fill the landfills with an abundance of thin plastic bags. Our tote bags are Organic and made of 100% Cotton. Here are some clever ways to use tote bags:

uses of tote bags

There are so many ways that you can use an Eco-friendly tote bag. The possibilities are endless. Let us know what you would you put in your tote bag. We’d love to hear from you!

Canvas Tote Bags 1

Autumn Table Decor

The fresh cool air of Autumn invigorates the mind, body, and spirit. Excitement mounts as we entertain new ideas, new styles, and creative concepts.

As the colorful bright leaves swirl around us, we are enamored by its beauty. We are excited to incorporate these beautiful colors into our homes.

autumn leaves

There are so many items that can bring in Autumn into your home. Something as small as a place-mat can have a big effect on your surroundings. Bright solid color vinyl place-mats in Orange, Yellow, Camel Print, Terra, Rust Print, and Red will brighten up your table and make your meal more exciting. Elegant Fern Place mats are popular in the Autumn months as well.

Autumn Collage

Vinyl Tablecloths in Burgundy, Rust Print , Camel Print, Terra, and Mint are a few of the beautiful colors of Fall. Cloth Tablecloths in Chocolate, Burgundy, Sandalwood and Ivory will enhance your dining experience or event.

So take advantage of all the wonderful colors of Autumn. Breathe in the fresh air and delight yourself with a fresh new look.

As we are in the heat of the summer the days seem to stretch on.  The longer days give us more opportunity to spend time with our family and friends. We can travel to that far away, dreamed about place we were yearning to go to or make our stay at home a refreshing, fun filled experience.

The opportunities are endless: a backyard barbecue, picnic in the park, a get together with family and friend you rarely see. Some people prefer to keep cool indoors while some like to spend time outdoors as long as there are plenty of drinks and refreshments handy.

Vinyl Tablecloths Camel Print

The summer colors are so nice and bright it puts us in an invigorating mood. Bright red, yellow, and orange colors make for a fun presentation. Neutral colors and soft tones make the decor a relaxing and enjoyable place to be.

vinyl checkered tablecloth red and white

Classic checkered tablecloths are timeless and classy. A great choice for Memorial Day and July Fourth but also for everyday summer picnics and dinners. The flannel backing keeps the vinyl tablecloth from sliding around and vinyl is so easy to clean-all the more reason to throw a party!

Fitted Vinyl Tablecloth Ruby Red.jpg

Fitted vinyl tablecloths are a great choice for windy areas such as homes near the beach. It keeps the eating area neat and tidy, especially when there are children around and large families all get together. The elastic on the elasticized tablecloth keeps it from sliding so there is less mess and less cleanup.

Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor dining, enjoy these long summer days. Although it seems to stretch on, it flies by really fast. Then we’re back to homework, shorter days, and cool autumn breezes!

We are excited to let you know about our new line of damask kitchen decor which includes cooking aprons, oven mitts and pot holders, and decorative hand towels. They are all made of 100% cotton and are of high quality and machine washable.apron-front-marigold


Damask Printed Apron are great aprons for ladies and men. Perfect for cooking, baking, grilling, and serving. They have two side pockets and an adjustable neck strap which helps you have a good comfortable fit. These pretty aprons are perfect for your kitchen but can be used as cooks and chef aprons as well. A classic Damask design that comes in an abundance of colors perfect for holidays, parties, and to liven up your kitchen or restaurant.


These kitchen tea towels will stand out in your kitchen with bold colors and a pretty floral design. These decorative hand towels are ideal for a bathroom or guest rooms as well as adding color and flair to your events, pool parties, and barbecues. A great option for a housewarming as a gift to welcome someone into their new home.





Not only are they pretty flower oven mitts and pot holders, these are the best oven mitts and pot holders you can find. Excellent quality and heavy duty these cute oven mitts will make your cooking and baking so much more enjoyable. With over eleven colors, choose one that will enhance your kitchen decor or make your holiday more delightful.


If you just love all of them or want to give a thoughtful gift as a welcoming present or for a new bride you may want to try a kitchen gift set which includes all of these wonderful products.