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The fresh cool air of Autumn invigorates the mind, body, and spirit. Excitement mounts as we entertain new ideas, new styles, and creative concepts.

As the colorful bright leaves swirl around us, we are enamored by its beauty. We are excited to incorporate these beautiful colors into our homes.

autumn leaves

There are so many items that can bring in Autumn into your home. Something as small as a place-mat can have a big effect on your surroundings. Bright solid color vinyl place-mats in Orange, Yellow, Camel Print, Terra, Rust Print, and Red will brighten up your table and make your meal more exciting. Elegant Fern Place mats are popular in the Autumn months as well.

Autumn Collage

Vinyl Tablecloths in Burgundy, Rust Print , Camel Print, Terra, and Mint are a few of the beautiful colors of Fall. Cloth Tablecloths in Chocolate, Burgundy, Sandalwood and Ivory will enhance your dining experience or event.

So take advantage of all the wonderful colors of Autumn. Breathe in the fresh air and delight yourself with a fresh new look.

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As summer is winding down we try to get in as much as we can of what’s left of the summer. There’s bountiful fruit still to pick, beaches to soak up the sun, family trips, and long days we can fill with endless fun.

tavern checks fitted round tablecloth

However our minds tend to wander to all we need to do in the coming days, weeks, and months. School is starting and we want our children to be well equipped. Teachers are covering tables with fitted vinyl tablecloths so the tables don’t get full of markers and glue. It also gives a classroom a fun and cheerful atmosphere for there are an assortment of bright colors that can perk up the room. We found some really clever ideas for teachers to organize their classrooms, it can also be used for parents at home as well.

happy back to school

Schools and Colleges are assessing if their lunchrooms tables need new table cloths for the coming year.

People like to be prepared for the Holidays and are choosing appropriate table linens for Halloween and for Christmas as well. Let us know how you’re spending the remaining summer days and good luck preparing for the days ahead!


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Many people just love our vinyl tablecloths since they are so easy to keep clean. They are great when there are young children in the home or when you have children come to your home as guests. Vinyl tablecloths are great to protect your tables, for birthday parties and children’s functions. Spills are easy to wipe up and they usually don’t leave stains on the tablecloth. Use a damp cloth and the spill is gone.

vinyl square tablecloth

There are some stains however that are tough to remove. We have had some inquiries about how to get those tough stains out our vinyl tablecloths. We had a customer who got newspaper print on her vinyl tablecloth. She purchased one of our light colored vinyl tablecloths and the newspaper ink stain was very visible. Even with all our electronic technology, people still like to read their daily newspaper over their breakfast table!

newspaper  at table


None of the usual cleaning products such as rubbing alcohol, or soap helped her. We decided to do our own experiment to see which cleaning product will work to remove newspaper print. After some trial and error the two products which worked the best were Armor All  Multi  Purpose Cleaning Wipes 25ct or Goo Gone 8oz Liquid Bottle which can be found at Wal-Mart, Auto Zone, or your local hardware store. We were so happy to be able to help her out and we are happy to know that our customers can continue reading there newspaper at their table if they wish. Happy eating and reading!

gingham  tablecloth

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Is your table solid and sturdy but worn out from old age? Is it stained from too many spills, scratched, or full of markers? Did you children’s artwork extend way out of the paper meant for drawing? Would you like to cover up the table imperfections but would still like to make good use of the table? A fitted round vinyl tablecloth will give your table an affordable and instant makeover!

Sand Vinyl Tablecloth

The fitted round vinyl tablecloths are to make fit the exact table diameter so the table will have a neat snug fit. There are an abundance of colors and you are sure to find one that will match your décor.  Choose a bright yellow or red to brighten you kitchen area or a natural tone to blend in with your kitchen, living room colors. Pick a color that will match your bright area rug and bring the room to life! Match the tablecloth to the table color and you got a new table!

Ruby Red Vinyl Tablecloth

It’s amazing how a small change can make a big difference in the appearance of the room. In the winter months when we tend to be indoors more often, a nice new table cloth can not only redecorate your home but pick up your mood as well. On a hot summer’s day, while serving friends and family you will be happy to know that your house looks presentable with just a few neat little tricks!

Burnt Orange Vinyl Tablecloth

These vinyl tablecloths are not only for the home-schools, colleges, churches, cafeterias and restaurants etc. can take advantage of creating an ideal solution for a budget friendly makeover. Let us know which colors are your favorite ones and which rooms you redecorated.

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school cafeteriaSummer is winding down. While we are still basking in the sunshine, and frolicking in the sand, many principles, teachers and staff are feverishly preparing for back to school. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes and the staff must do their utmost to ensure that the transition back to school is as smooth as possible.

Schools have a lunchroom or cafeteria where school lunch is offered. Have you ever wondered why schools offer a school lunch program or when and why the school lunch program was created? President Harry S. Truman began the national school lunch program in 1946 after reading a study that revealed many young men had been rejected from the World War II draft due to medical conditions caused by childhood malnutrition. Since that time more than 180 million lunches have been served to American children who attend either a public school or a non-profit private school.

Yourtableclot Table Placemat

In 1966, President Lyndon Johnson extended the program by offering breakfast to school children. It began as a two years pilot program for children in rural areas and those living in poorer neighborhoods. It was believed that these children would have to skip breakfast in order to catch the bus for the long ride to school. There were also concerns that the poorer families could not always afford to feed their children breakfast. Johnson believed, like many of us today, that children would do better in school if they had a good breakfast to start their day. The pilot was such a success that it was decided the program should continue. By 1975, breakfast was being offered to all children in public or non-profit private school. This change was made because educators felt that more children were skipping breakfast due to both parent being in the workforce.

Lunchrooms and cafeterias need tablecloths that can wipe up spills easily. They need to withstand the daily use. Vinyl tablecloths are reusable and long lasting. They make a great choice for schools and cafeterias.


Since breakfast and lunch are so important, schools are trying hard to make a nutritious as well as tasty school lunch menu that appeal to children. This way they can concentrate, do well in school, and become our future leaders.

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When playing cards a smooth clean place to play is needed. Our galaxy vinyl tablecloths are great as card table covers since they are a perfect fit over the table. While doing so your table is protected by a 6 mil thickness of the tablecloth and the soft flannel backing protects the table from scratches. You can have a pretty lace tablecloth as an overlay and then take it off and keep the vinyl table covers on for poker nights. There are so many Galaxy colors to choose from it can match the decor of your home or event.
poker card tableOne of the most popular card games is poker. But there are so many different ways of playing cards. Here are some very interesting facts about cards and the meanings behind it.

1. Some say the card game originated in China around 12th century, where paper was invented.

2. The two colors – black and red represent night and day

3. Four suits to represent four seasons

4. Thirteen cards per suit to represent lunar months in a year

5. Twelve court cards to represent the calendar months of the year

6. If you assign 1 to the value of an ace, two to a two, three to a three, eleven to a jack, twelve to a queen and thirteen to a king you will get a total of 364. This happens to be the number of days in a lunar year which is 13 months, each comprising 28 days. Add a joker for 365 being the number of days in a year and another joker for a leap year!

7. The French used to tax the Ace of Spades so a lot of space was given for this card so that it could be stamped to show the tax was paid! Nowadays, card manufacturers stamp their own logos instead.

8. King of Hearts represents King Charlemagne first Holy Roman Emperor born around 742 (and only King in the deck without a moustache), King of Clubs – Alexander the Great, King of Diamonds represents Julius Caesar and the King of Spades – King David of Israel

9. Queen of Spades represents Athena, the Greek goddess of war

10. Jack of clubs represents Sir Lancelot

table cover for card table

Do you play cards? Let us know and if so, what is your favorite game?

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Every year at this time of year I look forward to an annual camping trip. It’s a wonderful feeling to take a break from your hectic busy life and enjoy the serenity of the forest and nature. You want to pack lightly yet you don’t want to be stuck camping without any of the essentials. Here are some quick ideas for a great camping experience:

food and tablecloth for camping

You need to be organized if you want to have a good trip. Make a camping check list before your trip so you don’t make a mistake of bringing food for the barbecue without the grill or bringing a tent without the stakes.

Figure out if this will be a backpacking trip or one that you’ll take a car or RV. Many more items can go into an automobile that in a backpack.

Think ahead. You need to know where you are going so you can plan accordingly. Bring insect repellent for areas with ticks or other insects. Bring rain gear for rainy or wet areas and warm clothing if the weather will get cooler.

tablecloth for a camping trip

Here is a basic camping supplies list:


First Aid


Credit Cards/Cash/Permits for fishing-camping if needed

Sleeping Gear-Tents, sleeping bags, blankets


Water, Food

Misc Toiletries

camping tablecloth

A great idea would be to bring a vinyl tablecloth along for your camping trip. It’s lightweight and easy to carry around yet strong enough to fold up and reuse as you move along. Its wipe clean cloth will give you a sanitary place to prepare and eat your food. I love the tavern checks design and they come in many colors options. There are also other fabulous vinyl tablecloth prints for you to choose from.

Planning ahead and bringing along the necessities that is needed will make for a great trip. Be careful of any bears, snakes and know what to do if you encounter one. Have fun, stay safe and when you return, let us know how enjoyable your experience was.

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Many people prefer using vinyl tablecloths over cloth and here are some of the reasons why:

Compared to the more elegant lace and cloth tablecloths, vinyl tablecloths are reasonably priced. It is affordable for anyone on a budget, perfect for a family that uses a tablecloth for their everyday dinner table or a restaurant entity serving customers on a daily basis.  They are strong and durable. It can be used over and over again.

Outdoor Vinyl Tablecloth

Vinyl tablecloths are great for outdoors. When the weather starts getting nicer we tend to want to spend some quality time outdoors. The weather though can be unpredictable. When using a vinyl tablecloth, there is no worrying about the rain ruining your tablecloth. It is also more resistant to sunlight which keeps the color lasting longer. Our fitted tablecloths have an elasticized band that keeps the tablecloth firmly in place so if children tug at it, food and drink will have less of a chance to spill over and if it’s windy, the wind will not blow it away. People tend to move around more often at an outdoor barbeque or party so a strong and durable tablecloth is a great choice. One can leave their tablecloth outdoors and not have to bring one out just for serving. Since there are also many colors and styles to choose from it adds elegance to the outdoor décor to have something pretty out on the patio or picnic tables at all times.

Restaurant Vinyl Tablecloth

Lace and cloth tablecloths need washing and special care is needed for the more delicate and intricate table linens. Vinyl tablecloths however are so easy to clean. It is great for a serving table at an event where there are lots or food and drink or practical at a lunchroom or cafeteria where there is constant serving and cleaning up. A family with little children who might spill their food and drink would love using these tablecloths. It keeps the anxiety level down as you just have to wipe the spill up with a rag and it will make dinnertime a happier family event.

Tavern Checks Green Vinyl Tablecloth

Vinyl tablecloths come in a variety of colors and sizes, in solid colors and printed styles. When buying one for general everyday use or for a special event, there is something for everyone to choose.  Custom sizes are available for a hard to fit table.

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