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It is a few days into spring and we are still waiting for the warm weather to come our way. Instead we are awaiting a snow storm…yet again. Who would believe we would have cold weather and snow this time of year? Since some of us are choosing to stay indoors until the spring weather arrives, we decided to have some fun with a program called Wordle. Wordle.net is a program that pulls words from texts that you provide. It can be created with different fonts, colors and shapes. For spring sake we created one with spring colors from one of our blogs.

your tablecloth wordle

In the spring, butterflies begin to gather nectar from the first flowers of the season. Here is a Wordle created in honor of some of the spring flowers which are daffodils, tulips, irises, lilies, and hyacinths.

flower wordle

Dandelions first came from Asia, and now call the entire world home. Dandelions can be used both as a food and a medicine and the seeds provide an important food to many small birds.

Here is an interesting fact about spring. Baby Birds are born with the ability to sing but they must learn the specific songs of their species. They are thought to acquire the songs between ten to sixty days of birth and begin to sing them the next spring.

your tablecloth wordle art

Come up with your own artwork from any texts or words you choose. We would love to see some of the artwork you created with any spring themes or any ideas that come your way. Hopefully soon we will get to enjoy the warm weather we are anxiously waiting for.

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