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Easter is a spring festival widely celebrated across the world. If you are planning a holiday party or dinner you’d like to amaze your guests by dressing your table with particular care to best reflect the coming of the bountiful season and the young spring growth.

Fruits, flowers, eggs and young animals are the general themes of the season, and Easter is best suited to pastel colors, but of course it’s entirely up to you what to choose. You may like to mix your ideas up or just go for something neat and elegant. If you’re inviting children, their needs need to be taken into consideration as you plan your themed dinner.

Victorian Rose Rectangle Tablecloth

Starting from the bottom up, choose your tablecloth with care. You can choose an elegant white or cream lace tablecloth. To have a stand out Easter decor why not use a fabulous Elegant Solid Color tablecloth available in square, rectangle and round, and in 31 different colors and a variety of sizes. Neon colored tablecloths such as pink; neon green and neon yellow are great seasonal colored tablecloths for your dinner. On top of that vibrant base however, keep a clean, fresh look by toning down the color. Consider covering the cloth with a table topper such as Rose Table Topper or beautiful Heirloom Table Topper. Alternatively make use of a table runner such as our Rose, Heirloom or Elizabeth table runners and complement them with matching placemats.

Heirloom Table Runner

A different approach would be to choose a flowered or gingham print tablecloth, especially if you’re trying for an Easter picnic theme. If that’s the case, don’t overload on the accessories as not to create a busy scene and take away from your setting.

In terms of decoration for your table, the world is your Easter egg really! Try to avoid covering the table in chocolate Easter eggs if you’re expecting your guests to eat a proper lunch or dinner. Choose non-edible decorations. If you do have children coming along, buy some balloons that match your theme colors and tie them to the back of their chairs.

Eggs are a great decoration. If you’re artistic or crafty you can blow your own eggs and then decorate them. A marbled egg in an egg cup with a name on it makes an effective place setting for example. Alternatively you can buy wooden eggs from craft shops which you can paint in bright colors and then add dots, stripes etc. and use to decorate a basket or a glass bowl or vase.

Use Elegant Cloth Napkins if you’re using the Solid Color Elegant Tablecloth to match and buy a set of wooden napkin rings, or make your own (see our post below!) and cover them with fabric, or paint them, or tie a silk daffodil, fluffy chick or bunny to them, and lay them gracefully at each place setting. Similarly you can leave favors at each setting too.

easter flowers

Your Easter centerpiece can be truly magnificent. Flowers are obvious but can be expensive, so if you want to do something a little different, try decorating a large glass bowl or vase with eggs or jelly beans. Alternatively decorate a basket with a mix of flowers such as tulips and daffodils, ribbon and plenty of foliage. You’ll be surprised at the greenery you can utilize from your garden to create an interesting and unusual bouquet, and of course daffodils and tulips are ubiquitous at this time of year and therefore cheaper than buying a readymade bouquet. Just one word of warning though, daffodil sap is poisonous and should not come into contact with food.

So that’s a few ideas from us here at Yourtablecloth.com. If you have any thoughts or ideas, why don’t you let us know and we’ll include them on the blog. Send us your photos too. We’d love to see your table decorations and we’ll share them with everyone.

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It is wonderful to see how a talented person can take a simple piece of canvas and paint and create a masterpiece; a musical instrument or a piano is used to burst forth a melodious song. At a wedding or party, a simple cloth napkin can be transformed into a beautiful design and enhance the table setting and the atmosphere of the event.

There are many uses for a cloth napkin. The most obvious and practical reason to use a cloth napkin is to keep yourself tidy and your clothing clean. Many years ago it was used to wipe the sweat off ones brow on a hot summer’s day. It can also be used as a beautiful decoration for a wedding or event. It is not always practical to put food out on each plate at a wedding or party. Salads may wilt and get soggy and appetizers may not keep to the correct serving temperature or simply get spoiled if it’s out for too long. That is not the case at a restaurant, since each person plans on ordering a different item. Instead of leaving an empty plate or drinking glass on the table, the table is dressed up with a pretty cloth napkin to create an elegant table setting.

napkin with tulip

Some napkins are nice enough to be displayed on their own since today; napkins come in many different colors and printed styles. Napkins are usually matching a party or wedding tablecloth at an event.  When they are folded into different shapes the napkins make a real statement.  It’s great to put a stylish folded napkin on the table instead of filling the plate or drinking glass with food or drink.

assorted napkin designs

There are many ways for a napkins to be folded are here are just some of them. They can be folded into a pocket so silverware or invitations can be put in it. Flowers can be inserted in the pocket as well. Depending on your event, tuxedos, roses, pyramids, or fleur de lis styles can dress up the occasion. For the upcoming holiday of Easter a napkin can be folded into a bunny or rolled up as a carrot with the silverware sticking out of it as the leaves.

carrot napkin (1)

There are many how to books and videos and the possibilities are endless. Have fun playing around with the designs and create one that’s right for you and your occasion. We’d love to see your pictures and creative ideas of how your table gets dressed for an occasion.

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