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Halloween is approaching and if you dare

Decorate your home for a one of kind scare

Some new items to liven your decor

with Spider and Pumpkins and so much more

Frightful Halloween Table Topper

Frightful Halloween Table Toppers that are orange bright

For a classy Halloween that will sure to delight

Gothic Table Runner

Or a Gothic look in a choice of two

Printed Spiders and Skulls is a great option too

The Spider Web Tablecloths are classy and delightful

Make this Halloween Fun and Frightful!

Spider Web Rectangle Tablecloth

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Halloween’s around the corner let’s get in the mood!

How will we decorate-with tablecloths or food?

The tablecloths are crawling with spiders

Oh what a creepy site!

And what adorns the table?

Yummy Halloween delights!

So decorate-whatever your style.

The applause you’ll get will be worthwhile!

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