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You would love to buy a new tablecloth for you dining room table. You have some idea of how long of a drop you would like the tablecloth to be but don’t know how to go about figuring out the size.

round vinyl tablecloth

Your company would like to order some vinyl tablecloths for their break room. You know what size tables they have but don’t know what size table cloths to order.

You’re ordering table cloths for an upcoming party. You have assorted size tables and would like to play around with the lengths to see which size would work best for you event.

measurement for rectangle or oval

Worry no more-we now have a tool that will help determine the correct size-our new tablecloth calculator! Simply enter in the length and width of your table for rectangle and oval or the diameter of your round table and how much of a drop you would like and you’ve got your answer!

measurement for round table

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When purchasing a tablecloth, customers always ask what size tablecloth they need for their table. In order to figure that out, you need to answer a few questions:

What shape table do you have?

To figure out the dimensions of the table measure the diameter or the length of the table for a round table and the length and width of a table for rectangle and square. For oval sizes measure the long diameter and the short diameter. If using leaves or extensions please make sure to include that in your measurement.

What is the drop length of the table?

To determine the drop length of the table (which is the fabric that extends from the edge of the table down) will depend on what type of occasion you will be using the tablecloth for.

white wedding tablecloth

The height of most tables is 30” inches. For casual dining table people like to have an 8 inch drop and for formal dining a 15 inch drop. For a table being used as a serving table or a display table you may want it to reach the floor and measure 30 inches. Keep in mind that in an eating area you don’t want people tripping over a too long tablecloth or having their evening bags lost under the tablecloth!  If you are not sure what size drop you prefer, drape a napkin or towel over the edge of the table to get a better idea.

Now that I have that information what do I do?

Multiply the desired drop length by 2 (since the drop is the same on both sides of the table) and add the result to the actual length of your table. This is the tablecloth length. Determine the tablecloth width in the same manner. For a circular table multiply the drop length by two and add that to the diameter. Remember you must double the drop measurement as you have to drop down on both sides of the width and both ends of the length.
_____Length + ____drop on right + ____drop of left = _______

_____Width + _____drop on right +____ drop of left =_______

_____Diameter + ____drop of right + ____drop of left = _____

party tablecloths

When choosing a tablecloth, keep in mind that rectangle tablecloths work on oval tables. Many people like the look of a square tablecloth on a round table.  If you have a custom table size, please ask to see if we can help. Enjoy your event.

rectangle wedding tablecloths

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