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Valentines Day is approaching

Are you someone who needs coaching?

The girls, they are broaching!

Every day of the year

It’s nice if appreciation is brought

But they want to know at least one day

That their hard works not for naught

Chocolate is so nice

It brings a smile to ones face

Flowers too- a fresh bouquet

The old ones to replace

Rose Table Topper

How about something red or white

A lace tablecloth for women to delight

Its delicate petals scattered across the table

Hosting a party she will now be able


For this is something that can last quite long

When she glances at that tablecloth

Her feelings of appreciation will be strong

So show your love by treating her to something worthwhile

A classy new tablecloth that has a lot of style

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Even though Hurricane Sandy tried to rip our spirits, the  upcoming holidays will bring warmth to our spirits and souls. Our thoughts are with those that were affected by the storm. Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for what we do have and to reach out to those that are less fortunate. As we spread our tablecloths  down and fill our tables with food, napkins, placemats, and holiday decor, lets reach out to those that don’t have and give them something to smile about.


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