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Tables come in all different styles. If you have a wooden table, a tiled table or an aluminum table with an intricate design you don’t necessarily want to hide its beauty under a tablecloth all the time.  Our clear plastic tablecloth is a heavy 6.0 gauge and will protect your tables from getting ruined by stains and scratches. The table protectors are excellent for outdoor patio tables since it is waterproof and easy to maintain.

patio table

Many like to add to the décor by putting on an elegant tablecloth on their table. If there are children at the table or a large party were spills tend to happen you may want to think twice before spreading out fine table linens. People want to preserve their cloth and lace tablecloths from getting ruined and from having to wash it frequently. Our clear vinyl tablecloth is the perfect solution to protect your tablecloth and save you time and money along the way. Simply wipe down and continue to enjoy your company.

outdoor table

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