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It’s spring and the beautiful weather lets us enjoy Mother Nature at its best. We dust off our patio tables, clean up the brush, look forward to firing up the grill and host some outdoor parties.

zipper on table cloth

Many tables have an umbrella to shield us from the rain and sun. The round tablecloths we offer have an option to cut out an umbrella hole to accommodate the umbrella. If someone wants to keep the tablecloth on the table the entire time and lift the umbrella just once to slide the tablecloth on, then just an umbrella hole will do.

There are those that  have many style table cloths and like to interchange them, others like to bring the table cloths indoors when finished dining, while others do not want (or cannot) lifting the heavy umbrella pole each time they take off the tablecloth. If you are one of those, than the zipper option is right for you.

heavy duty zipper

When a zipper is added it is not necessary to lift the umbrella every time you put a tablecloth on. The heavy duty zipper is sewn straight down the middle which makes it durable and easy to lay on the table. It’s great for both residential and commercial use. Easy on, easy off! So for the sake of making our lives a drop simpler the zipper option is really a great idea!

zipper on table cloth (2)

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When playing cards a smooth clean place to play is needed. Our galaxy vinyl tablecloths are great as card table covers since they are a perfect fit over the table. While doing so your table is protected by a 6 mil thickness of the tablecloth and the soft flannel backing protects the table from scratches. You can have a pretty lace tablecloth as an overlay and then take it off and keep the vinyl table covers on for poker nights. There are so many Galaxy colors to choose from it can match the decor of your home or event.
poker card tableOne of the most popular card games is poker. But there are so many different ways of playing cards. Here are some very interesting facts about cards and the meanings behind it.

1. Some say the card game originated in China around 12th century, where paper was invented.

2. The two colors – black and red represent night and day

3. Four suits to represent four seasons

4. Thirteen cards per suit to represent lunar months in a year

5. Twelve court cards to represent the calendar months of the year

6. If you assign 1 to the value of an ace, two to a two, three to a three, eleven to a jack, twelve to a queen and thirteen to a king you will get a total of 364. This happens to be the number of days in a lunar year which is 13 months, each comprising 28 days. Add a joker for 365 being the number of days in a year and another joker for a leap year!

7. The French used to tax the Ace of Spades so a lot of space was given for this card so that it could be stamped to show the tax was paid! Nowadays, card manufacturers stamp their own logos instead.

8. King of Hearts represents King Charlemagne first Holy Roman Emperor born around 742 (and only King in the deck without a moustache), King of Clubs – Alexander the Great, King of Diamonds represents Julius Caesar and the King of Spades – King David of Israel

9. Queen of Spades represents Athena, the Greek goddess of war

10. Jack of clubs represents Sir Lancelot

table cover for card table

Do you play cards? Let us know and if so, what is your favorite game?

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Its way past noontime and you’re at your desk working, working, working. The deadlines are looming, all projects must be completed. You are trying to figure out the numbers so they add up. You are sitting there so long your feet are feeling like lead. You must clear you head and are oh so famished.

break room tables

A walk to the breakroom might do the trick. You need to stretch your legs and get a bite to eat. The break room has a nice appeal to it. It is clean and airy. You sit by the break room tables and relax a bit. The table covers are a nice bright color and it picks up your mood. You feel so much better now and are ready to take on the rest of the day.

break room tables (2)

Studies show how important it is to take a break from our workload. It gives us time to rejuvenate and helps you concentrate and be much more productive throughout the day. Federal law does not require meal or rest breaks, but many states do. The same principles apply to rest breaks: there’s no federal requirement, but many states do mandate such breaks. The state laws that do exist tend to specify a 10-minute break that accrues every four hours or every eight hours, or something in-between.

break room rules

The Affordable Care Act requires employers to provide reasonable break time for an employee to express breast milk for her nursing child for one year after the child’s birth.

Since break time is so important, check out you state rules and make sure to take advantage of the breaks that are allowed. You deserve it.


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Tables come in all different styles. If you have a wooden table, a tiled table or an aluminum table with an intricate design you don’t necessarily want to hide its beauty under a tablecloth all the time.  Our clear plastic tablecloth is a heavy 6.0 gauge and will protect your tables from getting ruined by stains and scratches. The table protectors are excellent for outdoor patio tables since it is waterproof and easy to maintain.

patio table

Many like to add to the décor by putting on an elegant tablecloth on their table. If there are children at the table or a large party were spills tend to happen you may want to think twice before spreading out fine table linens. People want to preserve their cloth and lace tablecloths from getting ruined and from having to wash it frequently. Our clear vinyl tablecloth is the perfect solution to protect your tablecloth and save you time and money along the way. Simply wipe down and continue to enjoy your company.

outdoor table

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Recently we had many customers inquiring about our fitted vinyl tablecloths. They wanted to know what size tablecloth will fit their table size. Generally speaking, if a round table measures 60 inches in diameter then a 60 inch round tablecloth (fitted) is needed. If the table thickness is thicker than a typical standard table than a few extra inches is needed. Here at your tablecloth.com we can custom make any size that is needed. If you don’t see the tablecloth size you are looking for, please contact us and we’ll be happy to customize that size for you.galaxy fitted vinyl tablecloth


The fitted tablecloths are flannel backed which protect your table from scratches. They also have an elasticized band which holds it firmly in place. The tablecloths we carry are 3mil and 6mil thick. The most popular fitted tablecloth we carry is the Galaxy which is a 6 mil gauge and comes in an abundance of solid colors to choose from. Another very popular item is the Tavern Checks and Elegant Fern which is 3 mil thick and is great for restaurants and picnic tables. Depending if the tablecloths are being used for indoors, or for picnic table covers, patio table covers, restaurant or commercial venue, this will help you determine what size thickness is the right one for you.

A great gift for Mothers Day or for any other occasion is a gift certificate. It’s a wonderful way to show all the mothers you love how much you care about them and they’ll love you for letting them order something they like according to their taste.

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