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When playing cards a smooth clean place to play is needed. Our galaxy vinyl tablecloths are great as card table covers since they are a perfect fit over the table. While doing so your table is protected by a 6 mil thickness of the tablecloth and the soft flannel backing protects the table from scratches. You can have a pretty lace tablecloth as an overlay and then take it off and keep the vinyl table covers on for poker nights. There are so many Galaxy colors to choose from it can match the decor of your home or event.
poker card tableOne of the most popular card games is poker. But there are so many different ways of playing cards. Here are some very interesting facts about cards and the meanings behind it.

1. Some say the card game originated in China around 12th century, where paper was invented.

2. The two colors – black and red represent night and day

3. Four suits to represent four seasons

4. Thirteen cards per suit to represent lunar months in a year

5. Twelve court cards to represent the calendar months of the year

6. If you assign 1 to the value of an ace, two to a two, three to a three, eleven to a jack, twelve to a queen and thirteen to a king you will get a total of 364. This happens to be the number of days in a lunar year which is 13 months, each comprising 28 days. Add a joker for 365 being the number of days in a year and another joker for a leap year!

7. The French used to tax the Ace of Spades so a lot of space was given for this card so that it could be stamped to show the tax was paid! Nowadays, card manufacturers stamp their own logos instead.

8. King of Hearts represents King Charlemagne first Holy Roman Emperor born around 742 (and only King in the deck without a moustache), King of Clubs – Alexander the Great, King of Diamonds represents Julius Caesar and the King of Spades – King David of Israel

9. Queen of Spades represents Athena, the Greek goddess of war

10. Jack of clubs represents Sir Lancelot

table cover for card table

Do you play cards? Let us know and if so, what is your favorite game?

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