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It’s spring and the beautiful weather lets us enjoy Mother Nature at its best. We dust off our patio tables, clean up the brush, look forward to firing up the grill and host some outdoor parties.

zipper on table cloth

Many tables have an umbrella to shield us from the rain and sun. The round tablecloths we offer have an option to cut out an umbrella hole to accommodate the umbrella. If someone wants to keep the tablecloth on the table the entire time and lift the umbrella just once to slide the tablecloth on, then just an umbrella hole will do.

There are those that  have many style table cloths and like to interchange them, others like to bring the table cloths indoors when finished dining, while others do not want (or cannot) lifting the heavy umbrella pole each time they take off the tablecloth. If you are one of those, than the zipper option is right for you.

heavy duty zipper

When a zipper is added it is not necessary to lift the umbrella every time you put a tablecloth on. The heavy duty zipper is sewn straight down the middle which makes it durable and easy to lay on the table. It’s great for both residential and commercial use. Easy on, easy off! So for the sake of making our lives a drop simpler the zipper option is really a great idea!

zipper on table cloth (2)

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Spring is upon us and with it comes some beautiful weather. The sun is shining, and flowers are beginning to bloom. What a great reason to spend time outdoors with family and friends. It’s so nice out that we don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing lunch and dinner.

A great way to have your fun outdoors and eat there too is to have a picnic. One can have a romantic picnic for two, a family lunch or dinner, or a get together with family or friends. It can be taking time out from a trip to stop and eat or purposely creating a picnic outing.

picnic tablecloth

Whether spending time as a couple or having a large outdoor gathering, one thing is for sure: food is needed! Some people prefer to bring along readymade foods. This way, there is less food preparation and more outdoor enjoyment.  Classic picnic foods are cold cuts or cold chicken, sandwiches, tuna and egg salad, peanut butter and jelly and potato salads. For others, a barbecue is a great way to have a quick warm meal outdoors.  Watermelon and fresh fruit are great and refreshing desserts in both cases! Mouth watering! It’s time to spread out your picnic tablecloth and dig in.

checked cloth tablecloth

It’s very common to see red and white checkered tablecloth, also known as gingham tablecloths used for picnics today. Care to know why? In the days of the early settlers in the American Midwest, the women would flag down the men riding horses with red and white checkered tablecloths to indicate that it was time for the customary communal meal. The waving of a tablecloth – typical red and white checked – announced that dinner was served.

picnic fruit

Wines are made in white, red and rosé versions. In Italy, the white and red checkered tablecloth were used to symbolize the color of the red and white wines. The rosé wine bears resemblance of roses that were placed in the center of the table to enhance the decor.
wine on checkered tablecloth

During World War Two there was a shortage of fabrics worldwide. Women had to make do with whatever material was available to them. Women cut patterns out of the red and white checkered table cloths and used them to make stylish dresses for themselves.

While you are mulling over these interesting tidbits pack up some food, a tablecloth, call some friends and family and head outdoors to enjoy these beautiful days. Send us a photo of your picnic table and we’ll be glad to post it here.

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