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It’s Summer and we tend to want to take it easy-relaxing on the beach, grilling our dinner instead of making elaborate meals, and getting together for picnics with easy to prepare foods. People love using vinyl tablecloths especially this time of year since they are so easy to maintain. The are also an abundance of colors and styles so that you can match the decor as you wish. Turquoise is a great summer color for a party on the beach or pool party and hot pink is lovely for a baby girl shower.

tavern checks fitted round tablecloth

There are a couple of ways to maintain a vinyl tablecloth in order to keep them around longer. While its nice to know that it is easy to wipe up spills on vinyl, try to wipe up a spill promptly. This will prevent soaking up the tablecloth and going to the flannel backing on the other side. Fold up and put away the tablecloth when not in use to prevent the color fading in the hot sun or preventing the tablecloth from getting soaked from a strong rain. This will also prevent the tablecloth from getting mold on it from excess moisture.

Square Vinyl Tablecloth

Wiping down the vinyl tablecloth with mild soap and water and a rag will usually do the trick. Take care however when using tomato sauce for that tends to stain! Check out the link for stains that are tough to get out in a previous article: How to remove newspaper ink stain from a vinyl tablecloth

Have a healthy and wonderful relaxing Summer!

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It’s spring and the beautiful weather lets us enjoy Mother Nature at its best. We dust off our patio tables, clean up the brush, look forward to firing up the grill and host some outdoor parties.

zipper on table cloth

Many tables have an umbrella to shield us from the rain and sun. The round tablecloths we offer have an option to cut out an umbrella hole to accommodate the umbrella. If someone wants to keep the tablecloth on the table the entire time and lift the umbrella just once to slide the tablecloth on, then just an umbrella hole will do.

There are those that  have many style table cloths and like to interchange them, others like to bring the table cloths indoors when finished dining, while others do not want (or cannot) lifting the heavy umbrella pole each time they take off the tablecloth. If you are one of those, than the zipper option is right for you.

heavy duty zipper

When a zipper is added it is not necessary to lift the umbrella every time you put a tablecloth on. The heavy duty zipper is sewn straight down the middle which makes it durable and easy to lay on the table. It’s great for both residential and commercial use. Easy on, easy off! So for the sake of making our lives a drop simpler the zipper option is really a great idea!

zipper on table cloth (2)

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Many people prefer using vinyl tablecloths over cloth and here are some of the reasons why:

Compared to the more elegant lace and cloth tablecloths, vinyl tablecloths are reasonably priced. It is affordable for anyone on a budget, perfect for a family that uses a tablecloth for their everyday dinner table or a restaurant entity serving customers on a daily basis.  They are strong and durable. It can be used over and over again.

Outdoor Vinyl Tablecloth

Vinyl tablecloths are great for outdoors. When the weather starts getting nicer we tend to want to spend some quality time outdoors. The weather though can be unpredictable. When using a vinyl tablecloth, there is no worrying about the rain ruining your tablecloth. It is also more resistant to sunlight which keeps the color lasting longer. Our fitted tablecloths have an elasticized band that keeps the tablecloth firmly in place so if children tug at it, food and drink will have less of a chance to spill over and if it’s windy, the wind will not blow it away. People tend to move around more often at an outdoor barbeque or party so a strong and durable tablecloth is a great choice. One can leave their tablecloth outdoors and not have to bring one out just for serving. Since there are also many colors and styles to choose from it adds elegance to the outdoor décor to have something pretty out on the patio or picnic tables at all times.

Restaurant Vinyl Tablecloth

Lace and cloth tablecloths need washing and special care is needed for the more delicate and intricate table linens. Vinyl tablecloths however are so easy to clean. It is great for a serving table at an event where there are lots or food and drink or practical at a lunchroom or cafeteria where there is constant serving and cleaning up. A family with little children who might spill their food and drink would love using these tablecloths. It keeps the anxiety level down as you just have to wipe the spill up with a rag and it will make dinnertime a happier family event.

Tavern Checks Green Vinyl Tablecloth

Vinyl tablecloths come in a variety of colors and sizes, in solid colors and printed styles. When buying one for general everyday use or for a special event, there is something for everyone to choose.  Custom sizes are available for a hard to fit table.

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